Chantala Kommanivanh

2443 West 17th street

Chicago, IL 60608



2012-2013               University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Master in Fine Arts in  Painting and Drawing


2010-2012               University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Master of Arts in Painting 


2006-2009               Northeastern Illinois University, Bachelor of Arts 

Awards & Honors

2017                          DCASE Individual Artist Grant 

2011-2013                Advance Opportunity Program Fellowship Award 


2010                          Teaching Assistantship, UW-Milwaukee, Department of Art and Design

                                   Chancellor’s Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


2009                          Union League Civic & Arts Visual Arts Foundation Award

2006-2008                Northeastern Illinois University Special Skills Scholarship 


1995                          3M National Advertising Co. “The More You Know, The More You Care” Scholarship Award


2014- Present          Art 170G : Studio Experiences: Drawing, Northeastern Illinois University; Chicago, IL

                                   Teacher of record (Adjunct Professor). Introduce fundamental drawing concepts and techniques using various media dealing with                                       landscapes, still life, one and two point perspective. 


2013- Present          Art 107B : Studio Experiences: Painting, Northeastern Illinois University; Chicago, IL    

                                  Teacher of record (Adjunct Professor). Introduce exploration of acrylic painting and instruct conception of pictorial space.


2013 - Present         Art 101: Art in Society, Northeastern Illinois University/El Centro; Chicago, IL

                                  Teacher of record (Adjunct Professor) . Lectures on introductions to art history and world cultures (Paleolithic era-Post Modernism)



2012 - Present         Art 230-330: Painting A-D Levels of Painting, Northeastern Illinois University ; Chicago, IL

                                  Teacher of record (Adjunct Professor). Lectured on history of mural painting and contemporary art practice. Guided students to                                          design and execute murals in Chicago neighborhoods.  


2010-11                    American Art & Culture Art 100; UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts; Milwaukee, WI

                                  Teaching Assistant. Assisted with lectures and exams in large-format art history class. Assisted with attendance, communications,                                        grading & tutoring. 

                                  Advisor: Raoul Deal


Solo Exhibitions


2018                         “Su Kwan (Calling of the souls)” Union Art Gallery. Milwaukee, WI


2016                         “Frontal” Elephant Room Gallery. Chicago, IL. 


2015                         “Sabai, Sabai” Nych Gallery. Chicago, IL.

                                  “Invisib-Lao” Vine Art Center. Minneapolis, MN.

2014                         “Like A Zenith” Nych Gallery. Chicago, IL.

2013                         “Forget Nothing” Nych Gallery. Chicago, IL. 

                                  “Segmented Realism” Inova/Union Center Gallery. Milwaukee, WI

2012                          “Lawrence & Kimball” Inova/Union Center Gallery. Milwaukee, WI

2009                          “I’m Migration” Upper Gallery. Chicago, IL


 2008                          “One Sole Journey” All Rise Gallery, Chicago, IL.


Group Exhibitions


2019                          "8th Beijing International Art Biennale". National Art Museum of China. Beijing , China.  

                                   "Between Two Worlds". Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. Ithaca, NY. 

2018                           “Landscaped” Elephant Room Gallery. Chicago, IL

                                    “Continuum 2018: After 25 years” KSE Gallery. Milwaukee, WI


2017                           “Reclaiming Seeds” New Rules Gallery. Minneapolis, MN

                                    “A Special Juried Holiday Group Show”.Line Dot Editions.Chicago, IL


2016                           “Hotter Than July” Nych Gallery. Chicago, IL


2015                           “We The Survivalist” Mana Contemporary. Chicago, IL 

                                    “American Art, It’s Complicated” Minnesota Museum of American Art. St. Paul, MN

                                    “Laos in the House”, Asian Arts Initiative. Philadelphia, PA

                                    “The art of blackness”, Harrington College. Chicago, IL

                                    “Remnants” Open Center For The Arts. Chicago, IL

2014                           “Contempler” Galerie Equipe. Chicago, IL

                                    “Seven” Herman Audrey Gallery. Chicago, IL.

2013                          “Mediation” The Blue Ant Gallery. Milwaukee, WI

                                   “Genesis” Elaine Erickson Gallery. Milwaukee, WI

                                   “Big Shoulders” Nych Gallery. Chicago, IL


2012                          “Redbull Curates” Chicago Urban Arts Society. Chicago, IL

                                   "Hidden River Art Festival / Emerging Artists Series”, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center For The Arts. Brookfield, WI (invitational)

                                   “Broken City” C/X Cultural Center inauguration Art Center. Hillside, IL

                                   “Union Art Gallery 39th Annual Juried Show” Union Art Gallery. Milwaukee, WI 


2011                          “Sabaidee Muang Lao” A & A. Sacramento, CA

                                   “Milwaukee, A City Intersected” Union Art Gallery. Milwaukee, WI

                                   “Kaleidoscope”, Evanston Art Center. Evanston, IL


2010                          “Dirty Kicks” Mcdonaldlize Society Gallery. Chicago, IL

                                   “18th Evanston + Vicinity Biennial” Evanston Art Center. Evanston, IL (Invitational)

                                   “IL Behavior” Robert Jeffrey Studios. Chicago, IL


2009                           “Maison Rouge” Maison Rouge Gallery. Chicago, IL

                                    “Chicago Artist’s Coalition” CAC Gallery. Chicago, IL

                                   “Union League Civic & Arts Foundation” Chicago, IL


2008                          “Incipio.” Black Walnut Gallery. Chicago, IL.

                                   “Nstillation.” Gallery 217. Chicago, IL.


2007                          “Salvage” Blend Gallery. Chicago, IL.

                                   “Apocalypse” Blend Gallery. Chicago, IL.

                                   “Summer Soultice.” Lincoln Park. Chicago, IL.



2019                        "Between Two Worlds", Guest Lecture. Cornell University. Ithaca, NY. 

2016                        “Lao American Writer’s Summit” Contemporary Lao Americans, Guest Panelist. Centro Cultural de la Raza. San Diego, CA. 

2015                        “Laos in the house: voices from four decades of the Lao diaspora” Guest Lecture.  Asian Arts Initiative. Philadelphia, PA

2012                        "The 6th Annual Lao Education Conference," Artist Talk & Drawing Workshop Instructor, UC-Davis, CA.

                                  Guest Lecture; Drawing 101 Invited by Instructor Kevin Geise; Artist Talk. Peck School of the Arts UW-Milwuakee

2011                         Guest Lecture Invited by Instructor  Josie Osbourne; Art Survey, Artist Talk. Peck School of the Arts UW-Milwaukee  

2011                         Guest Lecture Invited by Santiago Vaca; Professional Practice, Artist Talk. Northeastern Illinois University

2008                         "The 3rd Annual Lao Educational Conference", Inspirational Speaker,  California State University, Sacramento, CA  




2013-2014                 Artist in residence: 6 months term, Lacuna Artist Lofts, Chicago IL 


2017                         "Forget Nothing" 2009-2017 Catalog. Self-Published. 

2011                          UWM’s Engergizing ‘Milwaukee: A City Intersected’; Shepherd Express, Sept.2011


2009                          Union Civic League, CAF Review; Creative Writing Anthology 60th Anniversary

                                   Chicago Artists Coalition; May 2009 Artist to Watch 

2008                          NewCity, Profile of the Artist; July 2008

                                   Apocalypse Literary Magazine vol.15


2007                           Lao Roots Magazine Issue # 3

                                    Apocalypse Literary Magazine vol. 14   



Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. Ithaca, NY. 

University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union Permanent Collection, Milwaukee, Wi.

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