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Maintenance Crew "Simplified LP" Out Now!

The Albany Park kings known as Maintenance Crew send a love letter to their fans via a vinyl release titled "Simplified." This release is an amalgamation of various works from their discography. Curated by Chantalism, the end result truly showcases the breadth of talent and diversity in the works of both he and his creative partner, Ubiquity. The duo's expansive knowledge of culturally significant musical samples as well as timely social commentary brings an acutely aware glimpse of the struggle by people who are a part of it. Forceful, but thoughtful. Dark, and triumphant. Beautiful, yet unflinchingly real. This is Maintenance Crew. Simplified.

First time on vinyl. 12 very best recordings of legendary Chicago hip hop duo "Maintenance Crew". Remastered Audio. Limited 200 copy edition. 180 grams. Orange Creamsicle Vinyl.

Exclusively Available @ Shady Rest in Chicago April 14, 2019 or Pre-Order. Vinyl Ships 04/14/19.

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